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Recently I was asked by a fellow colleague this "interesting" question. My response was "why not?". I don't deny that we're still living in a pretty sterotypical society. It has long been regarded a faux pax for ladies to go around exposing excessive body hair. In fact some of my coworkers were just commenting of how another female colleague looked "gross" with her unshaven armpits, exposed through her sleeveless outfits. Many people feel that girls with hairy armpits, legs, back and mind you - even upper lip - don't look hot at all. The same question, when posed against the more masculine men raised eyebrows.

"Why should men remove their body hair", my female colleague Alice said. "I think men looks more masculine with their body hair intact. It just makes them look hot!". Her eyes twinkled. When I heard that, I couldn't help feeling a bit "naked" without my chest hair. After all, I just got them removed a few months ago through waxing. But hey, my colleague might not like that but my wife lurved my cleanly waxed chest! And you bet she's been lying on it often!

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Since my first waxing hair removal, I've been receiving quite a number of questions from friends and family about the procedure. I tried my best to answer them though I admit there were some I had to do some research before getting back to them. I thought it would be good to share this with my readers as well and here it goes :

(1) So, How Does Wax Hair Removal Work?

If you're read my earlier chest waxing experience, you've probably a rough idea of how the procedure is like. If you've not read yet, check it out here. Basically, a wax concoction of some sorts will be spread thinly over the surface of your skin where the hair removal needs to take place. Usually a cloth strip is placed and pressed on top of the wax. The specialist will wait for a few minutes for the wax to dry and adhere to the hair strands and subsequently, ripped off with a quick whoop. The wax, together with the hair and dead skin's cells will be removed, giving you a very smooth surface.

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Can you believe that a small piece of thread used in threading hair removal can get rid of all those fine unwanted hair around your cheeks, eyebrows, upper lips and even bigger zones such as legs and the body? If you go to a lot of beauty salons, a lot of them offer threading hair removal as a fast and easy way to remove facial hair. But what is threading and is it safe?

Basically, there's really nothing much to worry about this traditional method of getting rid of facial hair. It's one of the most ancient method that is widely practiced in various Asian countries. No one knows where this originates from but it is believed that it started right from ancient Turkey. But it is India and the Middle East that this form of hair removal got really popular and widespread. Through the use of a simple, cotton thread, which is twisted, pulled and glided over the surface of the skin, fine strands of hair are gripped and ripped off from their roots.

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Just 2 months after I first went for my waxing treatment, someone dropped me an email to try a permanent hair removal treatment called electrolysis. This is what she wrote :

Dear Edward,

It is so interesting to read what you've wrote on your blog about hair removal treatments. Personally I've been thinking of going for electrolysis, which according to this permanent hair removal guide I read, is the only hair removal method that is truly permanent. What do you think about it and would you consider going for it? Let me know if you're going for it as I would love to read about your experience on the blog.

Yours, Debbie

First of all, Debbie, thanks for dropping me an email. It's really heartening to someone has been reading this blog! I started using this blog as an avenue for my ramblings and didn't know that someone would be interested in reading about my hair removal experience! That's the wonder of the internet isn't it? Seriously, I've heard of the permanent hair removal treatment, electrolysis a couple of times.

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Yes, I finally taken the plunge and went on my first chest waxing appointment yesterday! It was a salon my wife frequents for her quarterly hair removal waxing service. She wasn't sure initially if they offered chest waxing for men and called her personal waxing specialist to check. After which, she made an appointment for me to check it out. Frankly speaking, I was pretty apprehensive at first about trying out body waxing. Especially having heard so many people's horrible accounts of it. But surprisingly it turned out to be quite a pleasant experience for me.

For a start, the chest waxing salon that I went to was very professional. The moment I entered the door, I was directed to a cosy sitting area and served with a warm cup of ginger tea. The smoothing new age music and nice scent from the aromatherapy candles put me in a very relaxed mood. I wasn't scared at all. Contrary to what a lot of men mentioned about their hair waxing experience.

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When my wife introduced to waxing, I realized that it's also one popular form of male hair removal. Yeah, in times like this, it's not only women who are well groomed. Men are into grooming and waxing as a form of male hair removal methods is getting very popular. And if you ask me why, I guess it has to do with the images portrayed by the male models and sports stars. Ever wondered why David Beckham is literally hair free?

No longer is waxing something just for body builders or so. In fact, figures have shown that male hair removal procedures such as body, chest, legs waxing are getting more and more popular with men. This have sort of convinced me that it's ok to just go and try out waxing. I used to think waxing is a women's thing but after doing the research and realizing that many men - many of them straight - are doing this, I'm pretty tempted to try it. Why am I doing it? Well, it's for my dear wife.

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Ahh.. get rid of unwanted hair. It's so interesting how much one thing leads to another. The other day, I've mustered enough courage to talk to my wife about trying laser hair removal. She then told me I can remove unwanted hair in other ways other than going for procedures. No harm trying the other less expensive and easier alternatives first, she said. In the case of my unwanted body hair on the chest, she was suggesting that I try waxing.

I guess women knows much better when it comes to ways to remove unwanted hair. Think about all the different products that we see today, they seem to cater to the varying needs of women for beauty. My wife is pretty conscious about how she looks so I guess I should give her suggestion a try. After talking to her for about 2 hours, here's what I found out on the more common methods to get rid of unwanted hair :

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Recently, I've been thinking of trying laser hair removal. My wife has been complaining about my dense unwanted chest hair and how it tickles her. It didn't bother me initially but as it's getting more and more attention from my friends and colleagues, I'm starting to get very conscious. I'm thinking of removing it once and for all. I've asked around and it seems that laser hair removal is pretty popular.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a process where a low energy laser is applied to destroy the hair follicles. Intense pulsating light is sent to the hairs, targeting the melanin in our hair and the hair follicle at the same time. Melanin is the component that gives our hair and skin its color. This type of laser hair removal treatment works best for fairer skinned people with dark hair although with the technology nowadays, even darker skinned people are opting for laser hair removal.

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